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Welcome to the 28th Infantry Division web-site, the home of DoDS Realism. The 28th Infantry Division is a Day of Defeat: Source "DoD:S" Realism unit, we strive to be as realistic in unit structure and tactics as the 'Source' engine will allow. We portray the 28th Infantry "Keystone" Division who saw extensive fighting in the Hurtgen Forest "September 1944 - February 1945" and out of the battle became known as "The Bloody Bucket Division".

The 28th ID is one of the oldest realism based units still going, first founded on 31st May 2003. Since that date we have refined, tuned and developed our selves in to one of the finest realism based units the gaming world has seen.

Latest News

  • Reminder that our DayZ server is still up and running
    Oct 06 2013 01:30 PM

    If any of you play the DayZ mod for Arma II OA, stop by and check out the DayZ server. We shut down the dedicated machine because there wasn't enough community support and instead rent a single server at this point. Everyone is welcome to join us there.

  • Dod server #1 and #2 updated. RnL restarted
    Oct 06 2013 01:28 PM

    Today our Day of Defeat servers were updated to the latest versions. Pistols mod is still down, but this may be something temporary. I've not had the opportunity to check for mod updates.


    The Rnl Server was restarted. Not sure who shut it down, but it should be back online now. Please contact us if there is an issue with this server.

  • Day Z Group Pay Portal
    Sep 30 2012 10:27 AM Please help keep the Day Z server up and running. Kenney has provided a group pay link that he requested be posted.

    If you play on and enjoy the Day Z server please keep in mind it is community funded and not a sponsored server.

    Click this link to donate to the Day Z server. (Note) You may receive a warning about a trusted site, ignore it or accept it as an exception. This is an HFBSERVERS pay portal and donations go directly to the bill on the server.

    There is a $10 min, but feel free to send more if you like.

    The above listed server has been taken down by Kenney. It was just not getting the traffic to sustain paying for it. However there is another server that is maintained by Kenned, David, and Etters that is located at:


    Please us paypal to donate to this server and send funds to dward@28thid.us .

    This server has more vehicles and special spawned items including multiple aircraft.
  • Warning** Phishing warning**
    Jun 24 2012 09:54 AM At least two of the 28th ID members have been contacted by

    via steam chat asking for password or other related log in information.

    NEVER give your passwords to anyone! Not even your friends. Do not share steam accounts or games. This has and will continue to be a very dangerous practice so long as there are trolls like this guy out there trying to take advantage of those who are trusting.

    Please be aware of this phishing scheme and that he has already been reported to Steam for this and other activity. If you are contacted please make a copy of the message and report it to steam as well.

    Captain Ward
    28th Infantry Division

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