SOLDIERS of the 28th: The story of our division is written here only in part. For the complete history we must add up the sum total of accomplishments of every company, of every platoon, of every squad—yes, of each individual who has ever been a part of the Keystone outfit. Our successes have not as a rule come easily: however, because of skillful, determined, and courageous effort, they have always been sure. For your fine work in the past I congratulate each one of you most heartily. As we prepare to forge ahead in the future let me say, "ROLL ON!"

Norman D. Cota
Major General, Commanding

The Story of the 28th Infantry Division

DEC. 16, 1944: When Germans struck to break through and push back Allied lines in their powerful offensive aimed at Luxembourg and Belgium, the whole world waited, listened, held its breath. Was this to be another Nazi blitz?

Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt used the best divisions at his call. He planned to employ tactics reminiscent of the 1940 campaigns—a quick thrust, a breakthrough.

German forces pointed to Sedan, to Antwerp, to points beyond. They hoped to split Allied armies in half, sever communications and supply lines. The offensive might even gain enough momentum to sweep to the sea.

Men of the veteran 28th Infantry Division planned differently as they faced east along a 25-mile defensive line. Their guns blazed defiantly when they absorbed the full fury of the German attack.

Doughs spoke with blood as they fought and died in place—still facing east.

Keystone men fought for time. Strategic points, planned as first or second day objectives, were not reached until the Allies had time to speed needed reinforcements to the rescue.

But the 28th was equipped to do the job. It had stormed across three countries, had pushed through the Siegfried Line into Germany. Names like Gathemo, Hurtgen, Wiltz have meaning for Keystone men.

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"28th Roll On" is a small booklet covering the history of the 28th Infantry Division. This booklet is one of the series of G.I. Stories published by the Stars & Stripes in Paris in 1944-1945.

This is one of a series of G.I. Stories of the Ground, Air and Service Forces in the European Theater, issued by the Orientation Branch, Information and Education Division, ETOUSA... Major General Norman D. Cota, commanding the 28th Infantry Division, lent his cooperation and basic material was supplied by his staff.
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